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How to Spot Real Leather from Fake, in 8 Easy Steps

Real Leather

Since its inception in time, leather has been utilized in a variety of products due to its strength and versatility. It gives anything a sense of richness and sophistication, from outerwear to furnishings. But as the market for leather goods has grown, so too has the industry for faux leather. While synthetic leather could be less expensive, it is neither as strong nor as good-looking as genuine leather. So how can you distinguish between Real Leather and Imitation Leather?

Reasons to Avoid Investing in Fake Leather


Fake leather is generally less durable than real leather and may not last as long, which means you may need to replace items more frequently, leading to more waste.


 The quality of fake leather can vary greatly, and lower-quality synthetic materials can look cheap and wear down quickly, while high-quality faux leather can be expensive and may still not match the quality of real leather.

Environmental Impact

The production of synthetic materials like PU and PVC can damage the environment by generating waste and pollution.


While fake leather may be less expensive than real leather, it may not offer the same value in terms of durability and longevity, which can ultimately be more cost-effective in the long run.

Overall, investing in real leather may be a better option for those looking for high-quality, long-lasting items that are more sustainable and have a smaller environmental impact.

Identifying Real Leather: Techniques & Tips

This data was gathered to assist you in avoiding purchasing a faux leather jacket. If you merely keep in mind these 8 guidelines, you can tell real leather from fake leather very easily.

1: Price Tag Confirms

It is acceptable to evaluate leather jackets based on their price tag. When looking for genuine leather jackets, always keep in mind that it is not dirt cheap, just like anything original. Genuine originals are aware of the distinction between imitation and authentic leather jackets.

Because leather is a natural commodity, the price of an original leather jacket is two times more. No matter what the company says, anything with an affordable price is constructed from synthetic leather instead of genuine leather. You should choose genuine leather jackets over cheap imitation leather jackets because they are in a class all by themselves.

2: Perform A Liquid Testing

Conducting a liquid test is another quick and simple way to identify a genuine leather jacket. To do this test, drop one water drop onto the surface and then wait and observe. The leather is real if moisture is absorbed into it and a dark patch develops. You have been duped into believing that the leather is authentic if the water does not absorb and instead sits on the surface. The idea behind this test is that suede has a lot of tiny pores. Like wood, these pores are capable of absorbing moisture. Real leather jackets, therefore, absorb the liquid while fake leather jackets reject it. Despite the fact that some synthetic leather jackets might partially absorb the liquid. It’s typically wisest to err on the side of caution in that case and carry out the other tests on the list below.

3: The Leather’s Odor Is Important

Ah, nothing compares to the scent of genuine leather. It has a more distinct, natural scent that reminds one of the wood particles. Contrarily, harsh chemicals are used to create faux leather, which smells strongly of plastic and chemicals. This quick test is simple to complete while hunting for real leather jackets. When you take a sniff, how does it smell like? Does it have an earthy or natural odor? You have discovered THE ONE if that is the case.

4: Carefully Observe the texture.

The surface texture also distinguishes between genuine leather and imitation leather. Genuine leather has an irregular grain pattern with heterogeneity and irregular patterns, while fake leather is manufactured so that the exterior grain or texture is flawless and symmetrical. When purchasing genuine leather jackets, pay close attention to the grain; if it is uniform and smooth, the material is not authentic. Natural leather has a somewhat uneven texture, which contributes to its authenticity and naturalness.

5: Add a Turn To It

Go on. Nicely twist it. And it will assist you in figuring out whether you have a genuine article or not.? When looking for genuine leather jackets, carefully examine the material by bending it. If you pay attention to the color and wrinkle changes, you will immediately recognize the original material. The leather is chemically altered if there are no creases or color changes and it still has its natural texture. You might have purchased a faux leather jacket, for instance, if you purchased a red leather jacket and it does not change color when you twist it. Compared to hard synthetic leather, real leather is far more supple and will bend readily.

6: Worth It

The more weight anything has, the more real it is! Yes, we are discussing leather here. If this is your first time purchasing real leather jackets, spend some time weighing them in the store. Real leather is heavy because it is manufactured from animal skin, such as lambskin or cowhide. Because it is not a natural product, synthetic leather is machine-made, which makes it lightweight. Therefore, when purchasing authentic leather coats, bear weight in mind.

7: Verify The Boundaries

No matter if the leather is real or fake, the borders and edges speak for themselves. Genuine leather has rough, uneven edges, which is a clear distinction from imitation leather. On the other hand, faux leather has defined finishing and smooth edges, which undoubtedly gives it a cool appearance. But a real leather jacket, with all of its beauty and imperfections, is something else entirely. When purchasing a leather purse, real leather jacket, or even a wallet, always look for the edge.

8: Perform a Fire Test

The fire test should be avoided because it carries some danger. You can try some of the other exams we’ve discussed. If you have a leather jacket and after running all the tests still can’t tell the difference, then only try this test.

Synthetic leather is combustible because it is produced from plastic that is made from petroleum. Don’t go igniting your jacket in that manner now! However, as real leather is created from naturally occurring animal hides rather than synthetic materials, it has great fire resistance. If you want to try this technique, just pick up the jacket’s edge and bring it very close to the fire. The leather is fake if it has a plastic-like odor!

By using these tips, you can determine whether a jacket is made from fake or Original leather, helping you to make an informed purchasing decision & spot fake leather.

Real Leather Jackets: Benefits & Drawbacks

Benefits of Real Leather Jacket:

  • Durability: Real leather is a sturdy material that can take a lot of wear and tear.
  • Style: A leather jacket’s timeless, classic design can add a touch of refinement to any ensemble.
  • Comfort: Leather jackets are comfortable to wear and can keep you warm in cold weather.
  • Breathability: Leather is a permeable material that allows for maximum airflow, so you won’t get too hot.

Drawbacks of Real Leather Jacket:

  • Price: Real leather jackets can be expensive, making them less accessible to some people.
  • Maintenance: Leather jackets require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition, such as conditioning and cleaning.
  • Environmental impact: When leather is produced in an unsustainable manner, the environment may be harmed.
  • Animal welfare: Some people may have ethical concerns about wearing animal products like leather.

Wrap Up

These straightforward guidelines can assist you in telling real leather from fake while you are looking for your first genuine leather jacket. There are multiple options for you in Real leather jackets like Biker Leather Jackets, leather Bomber Jackets, and Fur Leather Jackets. Today’s market is flooded with imitation leather goods, and producers are constantly coming up with new ways to make Faux leather Jackets closely resemble natural leather. It’s crucial to understand how to distinguish between real and fake leather in that situation.

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