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Removing Wrinkles from Leather Jackets: Tips and Techniques

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A classic item that both men and women appreciate is the leather jacket. It’s no surprise that so many of us wear our leather jackets with pride year in and year out because they are a classic wardrobe essential that never goes out of style.

Yet, leather jackets can become wrinkled and damaged if they are not properly cared for. While some of the different types of wrinkles that can develop on leather may be simpler to remove using the techniques given below, others of the heavier ones are more resistant and may be more difficult, if not impossible, to remove. Consider purchasing a new jacket if the creases on your current one are quite deep.

Preventing wrinkles from appearing on leather jackets in the first place is the ideal strategy because, like most problems, doing so is easier than trying to fix them. But, this does not mean that wrinkles cannot be considerably reduced; read on to learn more.


Taking good care of your leather jacket will help prevent or greatly slow down leather wrinkling. A few examples include:

  • Quality hangers can considerably increase the longevity of your leather jacket. It only takes a few minutes to hang up your leather jacket in your closet using a robust and sturdy coat hanger. A wooden coat hanger with broad shoulders, for instance, will support the weight of the jacket and help it maintain its shape and avoid creases.
  • WHEN TRAVELING, USE A GARMENT BAG. When you travel, putting your leather jacket in a breathable garment bag prevents creases from the jacket being folded into your suitcase as well as other potential harm from other goods in your suitcase, such as lotions and aftershave.
    An old sheet might also offer adequate protection if you don’t want to purchase a clothing bag. Cut a sheet into a square big enough to cover your jacket, being sure to leave a hole in the middle for the hanger’s hook. By allowing the leather to breathe, the layer shields the jacket from dirt and dust.
  • CARE FOR THE JACKET – With leather jackets, conditioning is an essential part of care and maintenance. When your leather jacket is dry, wrinkles are more prone to develop; therefore, using a leather conditioning product helps to moisten the leather and naturally reduces the likelihood and severity of wrinkles. Preventing creases can also be accomplished by making sure your jacket is cleaned correctly

Technique for Removing Wrinkles from Leather Jackets

Sometimes the creases are already present and it’s too late. Several techniques, which can greatly eliminate creases on leather coats, include:



It’s recommended to try this method first before attempting any of the others because defusing wrinkles from a leather jacket can frequently be accomplished with as little effort as giving the jacket a firm pull.

  1. Put your leather jacket on a strong, wide clothes hanger, and hang it in a safe location.
  2. Now, pull downward from behind the creased or wrinkled area, continuing to do so for around five minutes. Take care not to pull too firmly because you don’t want to stretch the cloth too much. Excessive stretching can cause fake leather to lose its shape or even tear. Spot Real Leather from Fake in 8 Easy Steps
  3. Now, the leather ought to keep its fresh, smooth form.


Although clothes steamers might permanently harm your leather jacket, there is still a technique to gently remove wrinkles from it: take it with you when you take a shower in the bathroom.

  1. Hang the leather jacket in your bathroom on a strong, broad clothes hanger so it won’t fall into the tub or shower and become wet.
  2. Make sure to take your time in the shower and let the steam in your bathroom build up for around 20 minutes.
  3. Put your jacket back on a solid hanger and smooth out any creases with your hands before putting it back in the closet.


This technique should be adequate for getting rid of a little wrinkle; but, if you are treating a deep crease, you might need to combine it with another technique from the list above. After taking the books off, put the jacket back on to help it restore its natural shape.

  1. Flatten any lumps in the leather by placing it on level, firm surfaces like a table or countertop.
  2. Then cover the wrinkled area with a hefty book, like a dictionary or a textbook.
  3. Check the jacket in the morning to see if the wrinkle has disappeared after leaving the books on top of it overnight.


Although ironing a leather jacket is normally not advised, if you’re VERY careful, you can iron your leather jacket to remove creases. Making sure that the iron never touches the jacket is the trick. The leather jacket’s wrinkled area can be laid out on an ironing board with a pillowcase or fresh cotton towel covering it.

  1. On your iron, lower the heat to the coldest setting.
  2. Put your leather jacket in position on the ironing board.
  3. Lay this over the leather jacket using a pillowcase or a clean cotton towel.
  4. Start ironing the jacket while still using the extra fabric. The additional layer will provide more heat protection against the iron.


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